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Famous People Bronze Statues 
and Busts GALLERY
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Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin L. King

Booker T. Washington

General-Lee-Yeng bronze bust


UAW protesters
UAW Protesters

Anthony Tony Rane Bust Bronze bust
Anthony Tony Rane

Battle of the Bulge
Statue WWII

Samuel Brooks bust statue
Samuel Brooks

Minuteman relief

Nathan Richards

John Hovenden

Kate Duncan Smith
Viet Nam Battle Cross
Viet Nam
Battle Cross
Bill Bernbach Company Founder Bronze Statue
Bill Bernbach
Company Founder
Herb Bronze Portrait Bust
Herb Bust
Sigtryggur Jonasson
Silvio as Cesar bust White Marble 1
Silvio as Cesar
Sousa Bust
Carl Vinson

The Hunts Statue

Aztec Warrior

Fallen Soldier Memorial 
8 foot tall
Dr. Sells
UAW protesters
UAW Protesters

Trojan / Spartan bust

Father Michael J

Coach Murray
Battle Cross
Battle Cross
Chrome Battle Cross Fallen Soldier bronze statue
Chrome Plated
Battle Cross
Flight Helmet Battle Cross 7
Flight Helmet
Battle Cross

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